Thursday, July 31, 2014

Must-Have #1

The must have fashun item of the moment is a French bulldog. They're super chic for quite a few reasons

  1. You can give them chic French names like Pierre or Henri. This one's name is Banksy but whatever.
  2. They come in all the Chanel colors, black, white, and beige.
  3. They're always smiling
  4. Yves Saint Laurent always kept a pet French bulldog, and they all had the same name. Moujik.
  5. big pointy ears
Sunglasses by Celine
Shirt by Lanvin
Pants by Zara
Shoes by Prada
Pouch by Maison Martin Margiela
French Bulldog from my friends Brandon and Brittany

***Okay so this isn't my dog but people borrow jewelry and clothes and stuff all the time so I'm sure I can borrow a dog to be chic.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The look for today is "Oh I Didn't See You There"

Oh I'm not a model, Karina just caught me off guard while I was texting my sister back. I was so surprised to see that she was taking my photo. Speaking of surprises, I know it looks like I'm just wearing a black sweater and blue jeans, but this look is so much more than that.

The sweater is colorblocked in the back with panels of ivory and beige, and the jeans have been washed with certain panels exposed to create 4 different shades of indigo all on one piece of fabric. I've always loved colorblocking so I knew I had to have these pants as soon as I saw them on the Valentino runway. I spent a week scouring the internet for a pair in my size! And I still had to tailor them because I'm too short to wear them relaxed the way they did on the runway.

Sunglasses, Sweater, and Pants: all Valentino
Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The look for today is “Preferential Laundry Day”

So I want to wash my white clothes as soon as possible because the first thing to go in my hamper since the last laundry day is my white Valentino bib front shirt and I don’t want that sitting around dirty for too long because you know how white shirts get kind of gross at the end of the sleeves from your hands touching things at work and then you touching your sleeves? I’m so afraid those stains are gonna set in.
So basically I’m trying to slow down on the colored clothes for a few days so that I can get to washing everything white.
Sunglasses by Valentino
Tee shirt by Raf Simons
Jeans by Allsaints
Boots by Maison Martin Margiela