Saturday, September 13, 2014

The look for today is "I know Labor Day has passed but it's still 90 degrees"

There are two very important lessons in today's post. The first is that I don't stretch my left leg enough and I know that because when my trainer helps me stretch out after a workout my left leg muscles are super tight and it sometimes works but my right leg is basically a Twizzler.

The second is that the over the shoulder look is my signature pose.

The third is that black doesn't photograph very well and I wear black almost exclusively now so I need to not stand in the shadows. But when it's 90 degrees out, I'm already sweating as it is in the shadows, I'm not about to go into the sun and get overexposed AND risk getting melanoma.

Yes, I said there were two very important lessons but technically the second one wasn't all that important. Actually, technically, it was more of an observation than a lesson.

Sunglasses by Valentino
Shirt by 3.1. Phillip Lim
Jeans by RPMWEST
Boots by Allsaints

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