Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chicnanigans #1: Beer tasting

So if you're in San Diego, the hip and happening thing to do is taste beer. There are so many local breweries all over the county, and North County is especially dense in the number of breweries present. I actually know nothing about beer and I normally only go to breweries when there's a barbecue. But since it was family time, I figured I would go.

So I got 2 beers from Rip Current in San Marcos. The one on the left was an IPA that was supposed to taste like passionfruit and the one on the right was made with like an English tea. Both just tasted like beer and I don't know why I felt like I needed to order 2.
Over at Belching Beaver, I got a peanut butter stout. It smelled like a peanut butter cup. It also kinda just tasted like beer. I can't tell the difference between an IPA or a stout or really any type of beer. It all kind of tastes bad to me. But everybody else seemed to enjoy it so that's good at least.
This is me pretending to drink the beer. I quickly realized that beer is not for me. Except for the beer from Indian Joe's, which tastes like juice. It's just down the street from Belching Beaver but I got hungry so we got cheeseburgers and called it a day.

Sunglasses by Celine
Tank top by H&M

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