Saturday, August 2, 2014

The look for 3 days ago was "The Chic, Chic West"

I tried giving off the impression that I could have been a bandit but I wouldn't actually steal anything because it's hard to run in these boots and these jeans are way too skinny to run in and I actually don't like running so I would get caught really fast. Also, I am not sure if you guys have noticed this but so far all of my outfits are just things that I wear to work. I don't just wear dress shirts because I like them.
I was gonna have my thumbs out but I was afraid I hadn't trimmed my thumbnails so I tried hiding them and so they look weird please don't look at my thumbs.

Silas nicknamed me, "El Bandito"

Sunglasses by Valentino
Scarf by Saint Laurent
Shirt by Dolce & Gabbana
Belt by Saint Laurent
Jeans by Saint Laurent
Boots by Allsaints

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