Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shoesday Wednesday

So the look for today was super shiny shoes. Michael is always super polished in his nicely tailored suits so he opted for a polished brown derby. I'm always super short and these jodhpur boots give me an extra lift and make me feel tall. Allison, always the chicest of the bunch, killed it with her shiny black python oxfords, which are obviously appropriate for any occasion.
Clockwise from top left
On Michael: Shoes by Louis Vuitton
On Casey: Boots by Valentino
On Allison: Shoes by Christian Louboutin
I'm not always the biggest fan of Louboutin's red sole but on a flat shoe like this oxford, it barely peeks out and it's shoes like these that will turn me into a fan.

The soles on my shoes are hardly pretty but I love that they have an industrial work boot styled sole. I'm prone to slipping in my foam soled Margiela boots (only when it rains) and these grip to the floor like Pirelli tires. And they contrast nicely with the polished look of the boot.

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